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Ezekiel's Application

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Ezekiel's Application  Empty Ezekiel's Application

Post by Ezekiel Talib on December 7th 2013, 6:54 pm

Profile: [X]

World: The Mysterious Tower

Quoted Role-Play Sample:

Ezekiel would think aloud, sitting on a chair and watching the events play out from the balcony above. His eyes looked down at the world leaders that sat in their chair and the hearts of the people within the area would whisper to him. A lot of keyblade wielders were down below, the majority in fact being made up of them, and multiple hearts rested within a handful of the people as well. The two next to him who watched as well also happened to be keybladers and one of them had multiple hearts, being one of the three that he noticed had such.

Of course this didn't matter much currently. Making a quick mental list of the people who wielded keyblades, Ezekiel would move on from the matter and instead would choose to focus on the events currently going on. Even if nothing interesting happened he had at least found a dozen people who could aid him in his research and that alone was worth coming here.

While still focusing on the scene below he would think a bit about one person in particular there... Shirou, the ruler of The World That Never Was. Something about him rubbed Ezekiel the wrong way and there were some suspicions he had about the Superior. Eventually he would abandon the train of thought though and would focus on something the man next to him had said, a remark about war being soon to happen.

"It wouldn't surprise me if war was declared here. People could easily feel threatened about the empire that man has and without anything to stop conflict from occurring it wouldn't surprise me if everyone in that room took to tearing themselves apart over the stupidest of things." Ezekiel would remark and point towards Shirou, it being public knowledge about his empire which only expanded more and more as time went by. Pulling out a bag of popcorn from underneath his chair, the boy would begin munching it as he awaited for the show to begin.

Whatever occurred here, it was certainly going to be interesting.

Reason: Ezekiel would make a good ruler as he would keep the world away from matters that don't involve in it and as such would avoid unnecessary conflict. He would search for more peaceful ways to settle things instead of hopping into wars and would also use logic to assess situations instead of letting his morals keep him from doing what's best in the world. He also would search for ways to use the world's resources to benefit it and those who stand by it.

Credibility: Ezekiel was raised by a magician and a scientist as a child prodigy, as such having magic as a major part of his life. He graduated from college majoring in both science and magic, still currently experimenting using both science and magic in his experiments. Due to this Ezekiel has a larger interest in the arcane and would pay more attention to the world's potential involving magic while at the same time being familiar with magic, making it more fitting for him to be the Grand Magician than others.

Alliance: The Mysterious Tower wouldn't align too closely with others and would stand as a mostly neutral world as to avoid being dragged into the conflicts of allies. Depending on how things play out though it could obtain a few allies and would be more likely to align with peaceful worlds than aggressive ones considering how it wouldn't actively seek out conflict.

Population and Entrance:  Anybody would be allowed to come to the world so long as they abided by the laws of the world and recognized Ezekiel as its ruler. They would have to pull their weight however and as such would have to either serve in the military or become test subjects in any of Ezekiel's future experiments. This would be to ensure a mutual benefit between the two and to be as efficient as possible in aiding the ambitions of the ruler as well as a working partnership between the government and those living under it.

Military Status: The military would be a standard militia and would allow anyone to enter under it, primarily being used to defend the world but also being ready to take the offensive. This would provide a simplistic way of running things that would work just as efficiently as a more complex system without the unneeded and potential confusion. Also to note is that the Grand Magician would naturally lead the military and be the one issuing orders to it.

Alignment: The Mysterious Tower would best be described as a pacifistic-neutral world in alignment. It wouldn't go charging into trouble and would try to do its best at keeping its relations good with all the other worlds to avoid battle. Despite this Ezekiel would work towards keeping the world capable of fighting should conflict be unavoidable at any point.

Ambitions: Ezekiel would plan on trying many new concepts with the world that would stand from a diplomatic standpoint and would give more reasons to avoid entering conflict with the Mysterious Tower. There would be many possible projects that could be initiated. For example, Ezekiel plans on finding a way to relay information quick and easily about what's going on around the universe to certain worlds. This would make it easier to respond to situations and would also allow for better insight of possible dangers. Any world would be able to sign up for it and Ezekiel would allow them to but he'd be able to drop them from the program at any point in time, making it so they'd try to be on his and the world's good side more unless they wanted to be cut off from this easier and more efficient flow of knowledge. This is just an example as well and should it not work out for whatever reason Ezekiel would pick up a different project.

Aside from this he'd also have the basic ambitions of a world leader such as bringing order to the world, creating a military system, protecting the world, and etc.

Ezekiel Talib
Ezekiel Talib

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Ezekiel's Application  Empty Re: Ezekiel's Application

Post by Yen Sid on December 8th 2013, 1:32 pm

I'm already living there, so.
Yen Sid
Yen Sid

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