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Drakar, The Dark Messiah

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Drakar, The Dark Messiah Empty Drakar, The Dark Messiah

Post by Adrian King on December 1st 2013, 10:20 am

Drakar, The Dark Messiah SieghartGladiatorST

Name: Drakar

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Home World: Deep Jungle

Race/Species: Human

Appearance: Drakar has a stout body and stands at 5'6" with shoulder-length, scruffy purple hair. He has a tattoo on his left and right hands which are two Ouroboros, one white and one black. On the left hand is the black Ouroboros with a Yin symbol on the inside. Respectively, on the right, is the white Ouroboros with a Yang symbol in the middle. He has a dirty but hairless body and has no sign of growing facial hair. His face is young and pale. He has a cleft chin and green eyes. Drakar has good posture but rough skin. His clothing is unique and violet-colored. One unique feature about his outfit is the spikes on his boots. He has a small shoulder piece on his right shoulder, connecting to his vest.

[His temporary appearance is the image up top]

Alignment: Neutral Good

Elemental Mastery:Heart: Nothingness
Primary: Dark
Secondary: Light
Tertiary:  Space

Personality: Drakar does not have a true moral standing, though it is safe to assume he is neutral. He generally views people who fight for the innocent to be expendable to a certain extent. He believes himself as expendable to his own degree as well. As a young boy, he desires power and knowledge but also wants to fight off the dark enemy known as heartless. He has reached a level of atonement with light and dark, using the Ouroboros of respective colors as a symbol of this. Drakar may seem peaceful but he does not put off as excessively rude or excessively kind. He believes in balance of good and bad, never dominating one or the other. Though he contradicts his views with his abilities. Generally, he has a common-sense view of combat and socialistic situations. Also, Drakar believes in common courtesy and will express kindness in this form.

During combat, he believes remorse to be useless. If one is the enemy and they are trying to engage in some form of important or life-threatening combat, he must respond with the same form of combat.

Weapons: Keyblade, Scythe, One-handed weapons, throwing knives, gauntlets.

Affinities: Drakar has high agility, mod-high high strength and mod-high Synthesizing and mod-high magic power.

Weaknesses: Drakar has low magical defense and low defense.

History: The Past
Drakar was once part of a tribe in Deep Jungle, being a worshiper of a deity this tribe believed in. It was a belief that led to light and dark being balanced in a peaceful form. None too dominant, but may have a 55-45 ratio. This tribe had been a peaceful one but did practice light and dark magics on low levels. Drakar was one of the members to reach atonement at an early age, being the prodigy within the tribe when it came to neutrality. He was given a task as a missionary, though he was different from what a missionary usually his. He would travel and be symbolic, but he would not recruit others to become worshipers, he was just the eyes for the tribe. Drakar was meant to follow this mission in a solo form. Though there was a man named Umar that disobeyed the rules of neutrality and cast upon a darkness over the tribe. They fended the minor beings of darkness off with their magic, but eventually the darkness spawned even more powerful beings.

Though most tribe members were consumed, Drakar and a few others still remained. The part of the jungle they lived in was overcome by heartless, and he was soon trapped. He fell unconscious, later awoken by Umar. They exchanged words briefly, Drakar lecturing him and spewing insults. At night, a great darkness was summoned but it was contained within the tribe's area. They were all in cages. Eventually he fell asleep but it seemed as if he woke up in a pitch black room. This room had the ringing of a voice within and he had been yelling for answers. Eventually he was engulfed in his own darkness, remembering that he had not reached full atonement. Then the light came, and his atonement had followed. The darkness was less hostile but it was not as inviting anymore. Drakar was freed from this darkness and he caught a quick glimpse of a decorative sword before the dream faded. He awoke to see two of seven survivors gone. He wielded a large sword in his hand, wondering where it came from. Using the heaviness of it, he bashed the cage open, it being made out of wood. The heartless surrounded him and he swiped them away with a chain of blows. Eventually he came across Umar manipulationg a great, dark beast of his creation. The battle ensued very dangerously, but Drakar was no push-over.

After a long battle between the two, Umar was defeated and the darkness slain. He was forced to draw the darkness around himself and was never seen again. It was like it took him to their domain world and devoured him. Though the entire time Drakar and the others only knew of this darkness as...well, darkness. As for the sword, the words when notifying the other four survivors had rolled from his tongue. They concluded it was the form of complete atonement. Rightfully, Drakar received his Ouroboros tattoos as part of traditional things. The four survivors decided to let him go, telling him to travel the worlds as the eyes of their deity. The four swore to take refuge in another tribe's camp until they could rebuild. Though this left the conflict of decision as to where to go for residence. He decided to travel to find a world that was peaceful and welcoming but provides a good environment for his training.

The Present
Drakar is now on a route to what is known as Twilight Town, though he does not know this. The route was one set by one of the tribe members assisting him with the basic Gummi Ship the tribe had for emergencies. All he was left with was that he was going to be surprised. Drakar soon arrived in Twilight Town and hid his Gummi Ship somewhere underground in order to avoid it being taken. He traveled briefly and ended up outside of the train station.

The Future
Drakar was hoping to achieve the power equal to a fable being's power known as the True Ouroboros. He also sought a way to become a more powerful one.

RP Sample:
Drakar was panting, watching Umar laugh mockingly at him. It seems the feeling of pity floated around his foe. The beast angrily grunted at Drakar, wanted to be released onto him. " Go, my beast. Attack him. " he said, freeing his pet in order for it to attempt to make a meal out of the keyblader. Drakar ran towards the closest tree that had enough vines to ascend for safety. Once he placed himself on the vines he climbed hastily upwards, being a good twenty feet from the ground. The beast closed the distanced and stopped, rumbling out a great roar that could shake any tree. It even caused the vine to snap. In desperation, Drakar thrusted his keyblade in a stabbing motion, being a good 10-15 feet away from the beast and attempted to dive bomb it. The beast stood there clueless, hoping he was going for the mouth. Drakar had impaled the bulk of darkness and successfully entered its body. He slowed down tremendously, going through a beast who it seemed had clouds of darkness for innards. He still roughly exited out from the belly of the beast.

After getting up, he watched Umar enter a fit of rage. " Kill the brat! I gave you a simple job!" he yelled at the beast, angry at it and Drakar. The beast attacked the keyblader viciously but Drakar dodged by a roll. His body as shaken up by the rough exit though he had enough energy to fight on. He jumped and used his Swiping Blade to attack 3-4 times. The beast seemed disoriented from the dive bomb as it was stumbling a bit. The swipes had knocked it completely off balance, forming a landing spot with its head. Drakar landed on the head of the beast and spun his keyblade, perfectly stopping it to where it was pointing downwards. He put his other hand on it and he would thrust his blade with great force, impaling the beast's head. The darkness from the beast's body seemed to be freeing itself. He retrieved his keyblade from the head and continued over to Umar. Umar, now filled with fear, shook his head in awe. " D...Drakar. Spare me..." he said with shaking words.

" There is no rest for the wicked. You chose to let one side dominate the other. This is your choice. " Drakar said, aiming the tip of his keyblade at Umar's chest. Some other force seperate from the two had caused the remaining darkness within the forest to collect around Umar, engulfing him. Eventually the darkness dissipated and Umar was gone. Drakar's keyblade disappeared in a shine of light and he contended to the four survivors. " Serah Ean, are you okay/" he said, assisting an elder. The elder nodded but could not speak.

"For some reason, he has become mute. Look, he wanted me to tell you..." one of the survivors, Darius, said. But Drakar quickly took advantage of the pause.

" What? Tell me quick. " he said with a worried tone but a demanded choice of words. Darius sighed, looking down for a split second.

" You are to take the emergency Gummi Ship and travel using the coordinates I have set for you. Build a home there. After that, you will travel the various worlds and you will be the eyes of Ouroboros. " he said with a solid, serious tone. Drakar nodded, knowing this was an important task. A few hours after assisting the survivors and finding a good meal, he was ready to depart. The four survivors saw Drakar off and he entered the ship, Darius assisting him and getting the ship going. Once Darius exited, the ship took off and exited the world.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Dio

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Drakar - The Dark Messiah

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Diothr11
I can haz Omens?
Adrian King
Adrian King

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Drakar, The Dark Messiah Empty Re: Drakar, The Dark Messiah

Post by Adrian King on December 1st 2013, 10:55 am

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Monster_Hera

The Hearts of the Messiah


Drakar currently has two hearts fused into one to form a heart of Nothingness, but nonetheless the power of two hearts. He may manipulate the element of nothingness to his desire, whether it be impressions of his attacks or magical spells. This heart was "purified" of all light and darkness, thus making it on the verge of existence and non-existence. The Ouroboros also made it's purity permanent, so only his other hearts may be corrupted or another's light-based definition of purified. With this heart, he may also form a connection with low-ranking nobodies and influence them. Some nobodies, like Marxu, have a strong connection with Drakar and cannot be swayed otherwise.


Drakar currently has a third heart, a heart of darkness that he tore out of his former lover, Jack Hallcome. It gave him a sense of the last few emotions Jack had felt and also gives him manipulation over darkness. This manipulation of darkness is similar to his manipulation of Nothingness except for the differences between the two elements that cannot be the same ever. Also, his keyblades of darkness are fueled by his hearts of darkness, empowering them and their ability to devour darkness. Also, anger fuels the power over darkness, increasing his affinity over the element the more anger that pumps within.

Abilities of the Messiah

Hands of Messiah

Drakar may have a psychic bond with silhouettes formed from light and dark magic. Although disconnected, he has an ability to "wirelessly" connect to them. If something is out of reach he can use them to pull him. His silhouettes are shaped after his gauntlets, Hand of the Leviathan and Hand of the Devourer. They are more powerful if they move the same direction Drakar moves his hands, but they don't need to and that doesn't mean otherwise they won't be potent. The silhouettes feel perfectly like enlarged versions of his gauntlets, being three times the size. The strength without moving along Drakar's hands is equal to his own, but when they are in synchronization it is almost double the physical power.


Devour grants Drakar the ability to devour both light and darkness through either his keyblades or his body, absorbing it and translating it into his own if successfully devoured. This also boosts his resistance over darkness and light significantly. Weaker beings like shadows may be devoured completely, if they are composed of either light or darkness, but stronger beings take a much longer time. If Drakar injures them, the time needed is reduced significantly especially if they are on the verge of death. This also grants him the ability to devour hearts and make them part of his body. When he devours hearts, they may or may not turn into heartless first but what type they were before is not affected by that (whether it was light, dark, or nothingness). Each time he devours a heart, the element it was aligned to is empowered.


Using Spacial magic Drakar may form rails that he can connect to and follow, moving at high speeds. Even faster than how he moves is the formation of rails, and he can form them at the same time he is traversing them to make things less predictable. He may also overlap rails to minorly increase his speed or reduce predictability. They extend up to 50 feet and may shape in any form imaginable. Like an S or a complete circle. While he can overlap rails, he cannot connect the ends of them, so he couldn't double the length.


Drakar has the ability to tell what someone's heart element is and also may detect beings of light or darkness, or just sources of it within the area he is in. He may sense hostility or hysteria but not much else. He can detect the difference between a being, nobody and heartless but he cannot detect in detail. If he knows the person, he may detect their presence unless the disguise they wear is magically enchanted to disguise them.


Drakar has an affinity for keyblades and may control an amount equal to the number of hearts he has. Anything beyond two keyblades may be wielded by his Hands of Messiah, currently leaving him at a maximum of 4. He also has the ability to fire beams of light or darkness from them in either concentrated, continuous forms, a shotgun-esque form, a spray-esque form or short bolts. They may devour darkness or light due to his Devour ability. The more hearts he has, the more his keyblades are empowered by that specific heart element. Also they may unlock any lock that doesn't say that keyblades can't unlock it. Also  Drakar may send them in any direction, jabbing at a brief boost of speed. [/color]

Spacial Manipulation

Using his affinity for Space, he may create spells on the fly and bend space to his will to a degree. For example, he may alter gravity or disrupt vector quantities or create vector quantities, but these are not the limits.

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Drakar - The Dark Messiah

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Diothr11
I can haz Omens?
Adrian King
Adrian King

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Drakar, The Dark Messiah Empty Re: Drakar, The Dark Messiah

Post by Adrian King on December 1st 2013, 11:27 am

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Dark_Prime_Knight

Drakar's Drives

Rage [7 Posts]

This form is bred from darkness and rage and can only be activated while Drakar is in a state of high negative emotion. He is encompassed in darkness and the control over it increases tremendously, able to control more than 4 keyblades if he has the hearts to match. His control over keyblades may be telekinetic rather than by his or the silhouette's hands. His movements and style become much more wild and unpredictable, but he seemingly flows it all together. Flexibility of his body increases as well as momentum and agility. His eyes become completely blank white. While it doesn't effect his capability of wielding the keyblade, his keyblades double in size and weight though spacial magic allows him to be unaffected by the increased weight. All of his dark-aligned magic gains a "rage" version which just slightly increases power and size as well as ending in an explosion of darkness. His strength is also augmented heavily in a positive form within this form. Drakar will be heavily fatigued to where he can't fight after the form ends.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Sieghart_Raged_4th

Primal Anger [10 Posts]

This is simply an upgraded version of Rage. The only physical change is the increase in darkness flowing from Drakar's body, his eyes become completely black and from his right eye a flowing stream of darkness. The darkness in this form is actually bright purple. The boosts in this form compared to Rage are much greater. Also, the blasts from keyblades are dark-aligned and impact from them increases exponentially. Due to the mental strain, after the form ends Drakar will be unable to keep consciousness for the rest of the topic. This may be activated during Rage.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Dark_Prime_Knight

Dwyfoldeb y Goleuni [Deity of Light - 15 posts]

Drakar enters a state of deity impression, obtaining a golden body and having shields orbiting him. His control over light is unleashed, and if he already has it it increases tremendous amounts. Control over light, dark and nothingness becomes a tremendous amount, having the ability to effortlessly manifest spells from the manipulation. Drakar may "blink" twice per post, causing him to move at very extreme speeds but in brief distances, only moving up to 20 feet. Rails cannot be used while in this form and keyblades are controlled via telekinetic manipulation. They are encompassed in all three elements. Also the ability to devour increases tremendously within this form. After it ends, Drakar's magic is completely suppressed besides keyblade summoning.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Secret_Project_Achemedia_Final_Monster_09

Enaid Rhwymo [Bound Soul - 9 Posts]

Drakar becomes a completely black figure with purple runic symbols all throughout the body, known as "seals of pain" and "seals of power". At first defense rises tremendously but speed and agility drop equally so. After a while, the boost to defense is not lost, and applies to both magical and physical, and the penalties of speed and agility reverse, as well as an equal boost in strength. Drakar's magic is limited to darkness manipulation, but all of his power spread out between simultaneous bendings such as nothingness and space are focused into power for dark manipulation. Devouring is unable to be performed, and he is unable to use forms for 4 posts after this form ends. Everything compresses down into the figure, lacking genitals and a face. In the face's stead, Drakar can see magically. While Drakar does not feel it, for he can move as if he wasn't, has his personal gravity doubled but magic compensates to prevent damage. Whenever he strikes someone, darkness may engrave itself into their skin and produce sensations of pain, but this is easily resisted and only last very briefly.

Enaid Heb ei Rhwymo [Unbound Soul - 9 Posts]

Drakar has the same conditions for statistical advantage/disadvantage as Enaid Rhwymo but lacks magical limitation. His body is pure white and covered in silver runic symbols, "seals of happiness" and "seals of hysteria". Upon striking someone, they might enter hysteria most commonly related to happiness but how it affects them and the degree is up to them. These last very briefly, but if a location is struck more than five times it lasts longer each time that area is stricken, which can lead to more severe hysteria. There is no boost in magical power in this form, but Drakar can blend flying with his rails to produce a more nimble flow motion.

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Drakar - The Dark Messiah

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Diothr11
I can haz Omens?
Adrian King
Adrian King

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Drakar, The Dark Messiah Empty Re: Drakar, The Dark Messiah

Post by Adrian King on December 1st 2013, 3:35 pm

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Burning_Canyon_Emblem

The Armory

The Hands of Ouroboros

Hand of the Leviathan

This gauntlet is that of Light Ouroboros and increases his control over light and nothingness tremendously. He cannot choose when it is taken off and until he has a heart of light, he cannot use it. It has side hooks on the side that are bladed and highly durable. It radiates with a blue aura that is quite magical. A gauntlet made of orichalcum.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah DioLeviathan

Hand of Chaos

Formerly known as the Hand of the Devourer, Drakar claimed it when he claimed Jack Hallcome's heart, possessing the power to control darkness now. This is atuned for devouring darkness and increasing the control of darkness. It radiates with a red aura, a black version of the Hand of the Leviathan. The metal appears to be like stygian steel but is actually made of orichalcum.


Light Cycle/Dark Cycle

This is the original keyblade of the Ouroboros, granted to the Atoned One for when he first achieves his keyblade. There is a parallel keyblade, the Dark Cycle which is achieved as well, but what one comes first is decided by the choices made by the dive the Atoned One enters. These keyblades have the ability to help Drakar control his darkness and light more effectively when he can.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Tumblr_maaiu3TvcQ1r51ysoo1_400

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Darkcy10

Necros Ouroboros

This is the keyblade of darkness, a keyblade from the Realm of Darkness that has the ability to corrupt the hearts of others. It is the true bane of the keyblades of the Realm of Light, not like one of those wanna-be's. More specifically darkblades. It has a high affinity for darkness and may increase Drakar's control over the darkness.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Dark_Keyblade_in_Giger_Style

Ouroboros King D

Ouroboros King is the keyblade granted to Drakar after his return from the Realm of Ouroboros. It replaces his Gateway- keyblades. This has the highest ability of devouring and may open the door to the Realm of Ouroboros without incantation. If this gets in the hands of another and they take the keychain, they could potentially enter the Realm of Ouroboros.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Kingof10


Ophion comes in two keyblades, light and dark. Both are used for similar and opposite functions. They both can act as a snake blade or whip that are sharper and made of nothingness magic and dark or light magic. They may grab onto and for the Dark Ophion, pull him to the object gripped or the opposite for the Light Ophion. The pull force is tremendous and with a little spacial magic allows Drakar to reel himself or another in. If Light Ophion cannot pull the object in, Drakar will be pulled in. They may launch themselves in their whip or snake blade form in order to do this. He may also just connect them to an object and swing it around.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah 300px-Ophion_DmC

Other Weapons


This is the Scythe crafted for the Count of Enchanted Dominion. It has the ability to form a silhouette just like in Hands of Messiah, but it only forms during the swings and is the same proportion as his hands vs. the silhouettes. It radiates with darkness but made light by spacial magic. The fact this is made from orichalcum makes it very easy to wield.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Twilight's_Deathstar

Cahaya Pembawa [Light-Bringer]

This is one of the ancient blades of his tribe, the Cahaya tribe. It radiates brightly with light and is the bane of darkness. It may fuse with Pariah to form the true blade of his tribe, Keisembangan

Drakar, The Dark Messiah TS-BLKNODACHI2_540


This is the opposite to Cahaya Pembawa. It radiates with darkness and is the bane to light. May fuse with Cahaya Pembawa to make the Keisembangan.

A straight-edge, guardless wakizashi which has a rounded off, black pommel. The handle has a black cloth wrapping around its purple hilt, forming a pattern of diamonds. The blade itself is like stygian steel, the material unique but as strong as steel. It is of high quality and has a fine edge. The scabbard is weighted and may be used as a weapon along with it. Otherwise, it is primarily black with a purple dragon wrapping around the entire scabbard, eventually crossing through the loops and trailing back up to its tail. The blade has engraved into it, "Thy Pathwalker remain tainted by dark shadows, for prophecy beckons the abyss to come", a verse from the Tome of Ouroboros, a fictional bible to Drakar's fictional religion. It measures at an average of 61 cm, one inch past the usual measurement scale but one might still believe it is of average size. It is light-weighted as a wakizashi normally is compared to most weapons.

Lexicon of Ouroboros

This is a book containing the symbols hidden within the Book of Chiralism. It is used for magic between hearts and is even connected to the Realm of Ouroboros. Although Drakar doesn't know it, there is a pattern of runes to form a magical circle and even a door for anyone to enter the Realm. Only those whom study the book of Chiralism may understand and even they have a small chance of figuring it out.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Il_340x270.337831986

Fangs of Omen

Just like Connor's Hidden Blade from AC3 except they have 4 1/2 inch handles. The blade is thin and six inches long with double-sided edges. They are both .6 lbs, 1.5x heavier than weighted throwing knives and the weight is evenly distributed. The aesthetic differences are the blades which have a stygian steel appearance. There is no cross-guard and the handles are shaped for perfect grip. The handles have a mustard color.

Boot Knives...Of Omen

A blade with a 2-inch handle shaped to fit in the insert of the mechanism used to conceal and release the blade. The blade is 3.5 inches, stygian steel and both sides have edges. The shape is a tradition oval-shape. Weighs .6 pounds.


Armor of the Leviathan

This is the armor of the leviathan, an armor that manifested in front of Drakar one day as a gift from Ouroboros. It is pretty light armor but grants a minor magical resistance. A golden aura is released from the armor.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Berkas'_Lair_Armor_Set

Od Fox

This is a suit that grants a moderate boost to stamina, leg momentum, and acceleration. Also covers his whole body. The mask may open up to reveal his face. The suit is made with a polymer that makes it extremely flexible but a thin layer of alloy is applied to the outer skin. This suit binds with muscle to increase strength and speed generally.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah 060417010422_93

The Armor of the Count

It is light-weight armor with steel carbide for its material. Although it is made from a stronger material, one that even makes rings hard to damage, it was still in smaller amounts and as such, if one were to stab him they would still be able to pierce as if it was normal steel, though it is highly resistant to slash damage. Blunt weapons won't puncture it unless they have wedges on the blunt weapon, it will only crumple the armor. There is a few inches of space inside the armor, covering a robe that Drakar wears. It has very flexible material used for the robe, so the light-weight armor covering the robe is the only hindering object. Tendrils of darkness emit from the suit of armor, little black Ouroboros symbols roating around him. Three orbit him very smoothly and fluently. Also, this hinders his speed by 3% but the structure of the armor doesn't effect his agility.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah 68393-ffxii,-judge-ghis

Cape of the Count

The Cape of the Count is a cap that goes with whatever Drakar's wearing, but primarily the Armor of the Count. It is enchanted and fortifies whatever armor he is wearing by a minor amount.

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Dio_vo10

Organization Hoodie(s) IV/X

Drakar still has his Organization hoodies for when he was IV the Chiral Ouroboros and from when he was X the Dark Messiah. They represent his dark past and are kept as memorabilia. They increase magic power and resistance slightly and also disguise the wearer of the robe magically. Anything fits in the robe due to spacial magic but it is obviously more fitting on the one it was tailored for than anyone else.

Crystal's Wayfinder

A gift given from Cool whom had received it from his mother, her personal wayfinder. It was given to him when they discussed their friendship on the tower of Twilight Town. It is crystal blue but otherwise a generic wayfinder. It grants Drakar a greater influence over himself and increases manipulation over light.

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Drakar - The Dark Messiah

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Diothr11
I can haz Omens?
Adrian King
Adrian King

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Drakar, The Dark Messiah Empty Re: Drakar, The Dark Messiah

Post by Adrian King on December 1st 2013, 4:04 pm

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Seal_of_orichalcos_icon

Ouroboros Magi

Nothingness Magic:

Name: Blink Blast

Element(s): Nothingness

Effect: Drakar send s miniature, glowing ball of nothingness 3 feet away from him, which would vanish and reappear up to 150 feet beyond that initial 3 feet. Drakar must control it, as the orb vanishes from existence and reappears so he must limit the range. Upon reappearing, it will explode after a few seconds, releasing a massive blast of nothingness and pressure, like a pressure bomb.

Name: Marxu [Level One]

Quantity: 1

Duration:  6 Posts

Element(s): Light - Nothingness - Space

Description:  Marxu

Capabilities: Marxu is capable of dashing at high speeds, as well as possessing a high affinity for strength, agility and defense. His hands release a burst of spacial energy so each strike may disorient a foe or knock them back a few feet. Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can blend his leg-oriented attacks and hand-oriented attacks fluently.


Name: Nephilim of Ouroboros

Requirements: Marxu needs to already be summoned

Quantity: 1

Duration:  10

Element(s): Nothingness

Description:  Marxu


Similar to State 1 Marxu, this state of his gives him a nearly pure physical ability, with high speed, agility, strength and defense. Instead of just bursts of pressure from his attacks, any time a significant force is placed on him, he may release a massive burst of pressure either from a single area on his body or from his entire body. Marxu may "blink", allowing him to move at extreme speeds 3 times a post, speeds which are blindingly fast. His wings grant him flight but they do not need to flap in order to do so.


Name: Thrash

Element(s): Dark or Light

Effect: Drakar begins to swing in a direction he desires, creating a Silhouette around his arm that is 5x as big as his hand and 3x as long as his hand. The silhouette is solid and as strong as however strong his gauntlets are, depending on which hand he uses. Where the fingers are a metal-in-appearance magical substance forms that acts as giant, sharp wedges. Momentum is increased by 1.25x and the spell moves at high speeds. May be stacked for double/tripe/etc. [depending on number of stacks] power and the more the stacks the sharper the blade fingers on the silhouette. If the blade fingers do not go through defenses, the silhouette itself produces a massive pushing power versus physical defense. Also may be chained with other spells that are compatible with chain-casting, allowing more fluent, quick, repetitive casting.


Name: Templar Smash

Element(s): Dark or Light - Space

Effect: Drakar may launch his weapon in any direction, causing it to move in direction like it was moving in free fall. The free-fall like movement is doubled in acceleration. Because this is like Templar Drop which required extra pay to save Drakar from free fall damage, the toll of having to use his Tertiary element causes him to pay more for the same amount of distance traveled. As soon as the weapon is launched, a burst of darkness is emitted from between the pommel and Drakar's hand. This has a maximum travel distance of 50 meters before the spell wears off. The burst of darkness is in the shape of a spiraling dragon biting its tail.


Name: Dragon Barrier

Element(s): Darkness OR Light

Effect: Drakar someones a barrier of light or darkness with the aesthetic appearance of thousands of miniature dragons linked together by biting their tails in an endless loop, forming a dome. While this spell can normally be overcome by equal or higher MP it must be done so through a impact such as a blast or melee-based spell. Otherwise it will weaken the barrier entirely and then anything can break right through it. If it is not shattered by an equal or above spell, the barrier in physical terms may only stop basic things like punches. Otherwise magical projectiles will fly right through it. The dome is 10 feet tall and has a 10 foot diameter. It is opaque and cannot be seen through. It takes eight hits to break the barrier with normal attacks.


Name: Dark/Light Cycling

Element(s): Dark or Light

Effect: Drakar rushes forward, spinning but moving forward at high speeds, releasing a thick, wide-spread ring of dark or light energy. It ravages whatever it touches, like a wheel of small razor-sharp shrapnel. If made from light, it will shine very brilliantly. If darkness is used, it will be a thick purple with a black, translucent aura around it. There are 5 cycles in total, and it is similar to spells like Thunder Surge in terms of movement, except for Drakar's spinning. May be stacked for double/triple/etc [depends on number of stacks] power and adds 1 cycle per stack. Drakar must hold his weapon outward and the inner ring of the wheel is just beyond the tip of his keyblade. The weapon is also covered in a magical aura, dark or light, that increases the momentum and impact if the person somehow reaches the inner ring. At the end of the fifth cycle, the energy gets sucked into the blade which Drakar may save for another spell. This absorbed energy may only be put towards "chain casting" which gives a 5% boost in spell power per spell cast after this one within the same post, up to 15%. So if a second was cast, it would have 5% and so on. If this is the spell used, there will be a 5% extra added but only once. For example, if it was cast two separate times within a post rather than stacked, it would make the boost push ahead 5% and increase the cap to 15%.

Dark Magic:

Name: Tywyll y Lleuad [Dark of the Moon, AKA Dark Ouroboros]

Quantity: 1

Duration:  7 posts

Element(s): Darkness

Description:  Tywyll y Lleuad is a black, serpentine dragon with small wings but can fly smoothly like a slithering snake. It has a elongated mouth and lacks scales, only a simplistic black aesthetic design. It does not have any extra appendages but possesses a great length, stretching out to a full 20 feet. At its thickest parts, which is the majority of the body save for the tail and head, is 2 feet in diameter, the tail going from 2 feet and decreasing 4 inches for ever inch it leads to the tip, ending at 4 inches in diameter. The neck right behind the head is 1'6" and the head is 1'8" save for its simplistic horns. It has a broad jaw with a shadowy substance emitting from its mouth. Its eyes glow a silver white with a minor radiance, the nostrils also releasing a shadowy substance. Its tail has double-sided fletching-like design. The wings are very small, almost microscopic and are detached from the body, serving for aesthetic purposes. The dragon itself is 500 lbs.

Capabilities: The basic capabilities of Tywyll y Lleuad is its attributes of speed and strength. It has average stamina. It can slither on the ground at 15 mph and fly at 20 mph. It has three times the strength of a boa constrictor and is very dangerous when it constricts a creature. Its hide is very strong and thus makes it a dangerous beast. The dragon is primarily lead by Drakar as he may control it completely. If left on its own it is shown to be nearly blind and is nearly deaf. To make up for its near deafness and near blindness its sense of smell is good enough to track down the faintest of smells. It also can discriminate smells very well. Aside from its basic attributes it has three abilities it may use, each causing a de-summon after use:

Dark Devour: The dragon may disperse into hundreds of tiny versions of itself, covering a small area in a whirling dark dome and closing off that area from the outside. Equivalent to a 60 MP barrier. It is solid but is weak to light magic, acting equivalent to a 30 MP barrier when it comes to withstanding light magic. This lasts for 3 posts.  The barrier is 20 feet in height and 30 feet in diameter.

Dark Descent: The dragon may dive down and explode in a wave of shadows, causing light-aligned beings whom do not have darkness to have equivalent to 2nd degree burns on open skin and it causes those struck within the first 10 feet of the explosion's radius to be knocked back 6 feet. It spreads out to a 30-foot radius sphere of shadows after the Dragon destroys itself.

False Ouroboros: Being created from Drakar's emotions and darkness, Tywyll y Lleuad takes a closer form to the true Dark Ouroboros. Strength and speed increase by 50% but this only lasts for 2 posts and must be used within the first 3 posts in order for it to work. The wings grow into a massive form and scales form, increasing defense by 1.2x the base defense. It grows two arms that have sharp, steel-like claws and grows as long as 25 feet. A white beard grows on the outline of the jaw line, showing a more aged version of Tywyll y Lleuad. This causes an exhaustion of Drakar's ability to use the summon and he must wait 2 real-time weeks in order to use it again if False Ouroboros is used.


Name: Blue Jay Reaping

Element(s): Darkness - Space

Effect: Drakar empowers his next three strikes with magic, causing their integrity to increase but a magical edge to encompass sword-like weapons, or weapons with a blade [i.e. naginata]. It causes each strike to have 1.5x the momentum as well, regardless of how Drakar swings. A trail of darkness is left behind in each attack's wake. After each strike hits, a 3-inch-radius explosion will occur, release a wave of spacial energy a inch beyond the explosion that has a high Newton output. If the weapon goes right through something before the explosion can occur, a dot of magic is left behind at where the tip had stricken, which causes an explosion half the size but two inches of spacial energy being released. May be stacked for double/triple/etc. [depending on number of stacks] power and adds 1 inch of spacial energy and 1.25x the power of the force of the spacial wave the explosions sends.


Name: Reaper Raid

Element(s): Darkness

Effect: Drakar embues darkness into his keyblade, shaping it and creating a razor sharp edge which he holds upside-down before thrusting his body in a turning motion, launching the blade. It stays straight but takes a moment before beginning to rapidly speed up into a spinning disk-like movement, the darkness forming a slicing disk that will penetrate non-metal [Or similar to non-metal] armors and can easily cut through flesh. The keyblade returns to Drakar like a boomerang if he doesn't re-summon it and he may use it in a combo of up to 4 uses in a row. Each time the sharpness of the keyblade's boost is reduced, the second use beginning at 120% attack power and the 4 use ending with 100% attack power. The hierarchy of sharpness goes from major sharpness boost, moderate-minor sharpness boost, sharpness boost, and then pretty much a darkness version of the weapon using Strike Raid. This works especially well with weapons which have initial sharpness to them, the initial use being more effective with armor penetration. For example, if he were to use his light-bringer, he may penetrate scale mail but nothing better and will easily slice through flesh and bone [initially]. Needs to maintain a stance during each use and receives a diminishing defense bonus. It also keeps him in place, even in the air. Also, there is a 4 post limit for how long he can take to use the four uses. The post limit has the same diminishing affect as the uses, but does not add on to the diminishing affect. I.e. If it is only used 3 times and the last use is in the fourth post, the diminishing affect's progress of the 3rd use would be 10%

-1st use: 30% Defense Bonus
-2nd use: 25% Defense Bonus
-3rd use: 15% Defense Bonus
-4th use: 10% Defense Bonus


Name: Grand Judgement

Magic Cost:  110 MP

Requirements: //

Class:  Offensive

Element(s): Darkness

Effect: Whatever weapon Drakar uses may be launched like a Strike Raid, very quickly picking up speed unlike this Reaper Raid which takes a moment to pick up speed. Outline the diameter of the Raid, a purple energy forms which cuts like a blade. The blade of the weapon also obtains a massive boost in sharpness, also being enveloped in a aura that creates a magical saw outlining the blade, like his Leviathan Edge. While this outline is like the Leviathan Edge, it is not as effective. While Drakar uses this, if in the air, he is suspended and receives a defense boost that weakens with each use/post. There are 3 uses of this total within 3 posts. The integrity of the weapon is not compromised for sharpness, and is rather boosted. The raid moves at very fast speeds and is like a flying buzz saw. Each post must have at least one use until it is used a third time. While on the ground, Drakar is not suspended.

Defense Boost:
1 Post/ 1 Use: 25%
1 Post/ 2 Uses: 20%
1 Post/ 3 Uses: 15%
2 Post/ 2 Uses: 15%
3 Posts/ 3 Uses: 5%

Conjunction - This may be combined with other spells to create a sort of conjunction spell, basically causing multiple spells to strike using this as something to carry them. An example would be if Cool infused his Raging Storm into the vessel of choice, Drakar may make Raging Storm strike at the same time Grand Judgement does.  This was an example, but not limited to. While there are no true unique effects, only spells that have raw energy may be used. While some spells may have additional effects, only the power of the spell follows and not the additional effects. I.e. if a spell caused prolonged burning, this would not carry over and only the strength of the spell. If Cool's Raging Storm was used, only the explosive power carries over, and this is how it works for all spells. The cap to this is 220 MP, so only up to a 110 MP spell may be combined with this spell.


Name: Argraff o Dywyllwch [Impression of Darkness]

Quantity: 1

Duration:  5

Element(s): Darkness

Drakar, The Dark Messiah Shadow_Demon_by_BenWootten

Argraff o Dywyllwch is considered a impression of the Devourer, or at least a fraction of him.

Capabilities: Argraff o Dywyllwch has a high strength and instead of high defense, it may shape around physical attacks and seperate itself almost but not entirely. In return for the "malleable" aspect, the magical defense of Argraff o Dywyllwch is critically low. It has high agility and speed to boot. Argraff o Dywyllwch  explodes with a 10-foot diameter explosion worth 1.5 pounds of C4 in force after the summon ends or he is killed.

Light Magic:

Name: Leviathan Edge

Element(s): Light

Effect: Drakar's side hooks on his Hand of the Leviathan perfectly straighten and extend out to 1.5 feet, but becoming weightless. They take a zweihander blade's shape but look like blades of magic. They become like magical saws. They also can be used 3 times within 3 posts. Since has a blade-saw-like form, it is strong against flesh and most materials.

Drakar - The Dark Messiah

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