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Post by Yukina Tarka on November 30th 2013, 11:51 pm

They say all monsters are human...

♆ Yukina Tarka ♆

...Who's the baddest witch in town?

Resident of Castle Oblivion.

♆ Appearance ♆
Tainted by the darkness that courses through her veins, Yukina's skin is shockingly pale save for the dark circles around her eyes. She is skinny, even dangerously so, due to a combination of her complete devotion to the dark arts as well as intense periods of starvation, when she completely dedicates herself to her studies.

As far as colouring goes, Yukina is a chameleon. Her knowledge of illusionary magic allows her to change her appearance rather drastically, from day to day or even in the blink of an eye. Her default, however, is naturally teal coloured hair, and similar pale blue eyes. However, recently the fledgling witch has found herself favouring darker colours, in keeping with the darkness in which she constantly surrounds herself with.


♆ Personality ♆

Recently, a shift has taken place within Yukina that has seen her change from a somewhat manic, chaotic individual into more of a recluse. Still malevolent, however, she does not often engage herself within the affairs of others, unless of course it benefits her in some capacity. She acts to meet her own ends, nothing more, and it is an extreme rarity for her to help anyone without some kind of profit.

That being said, if provoked Yukina is extremely unpredictable. The chaotic being still lives within her, just waiting for the moment to strike and unleash herself upon her enemies.

♆ Attributes ♆

*Extremely high magical affinity.
*Very low physical strength.

♆ History ♆

As a human, Yukina was weak. Talkative, annoying, a real generic 'hero'-type. The kind of person the new version of herself hated. She lived in Disney Castle, wholly oblivious to the true nature of the worlds, before being shipped off to Olympus Coliseum to become something -- a fighter. It was here where her life began to change, for the better or worse depended on who you were. She met two men that one hot day, two men that would change her forever. One was the reptile-hybrid, the one they called Etzolix. He was ivory-haired and as playful as her, but there was something deeper about him. He had more substance than the girl, his drive for power was authentic, unlike her misguided attempts to become something she could never be. The other was the cloaked man whom she would come to live with not long after, the one named MorpheusZero. It was here, on this very day, that her future began to form. She was told that if she didn't help to kill the third man present that day, some kind of human cat hybrid, that she would be killed. It was here that she began to change, that her desire for self preservation outweighed her desire to do what was right. So she helped them, and the strange cat creature was damned to the Underworld for eternity.

She left not long after, hoping not to be drawn into some conflict she wasn't ready for. But something about that meeting, about helping to bring about another's demise, that enticed her. She couldn't explain it, it was as if a deeper power, a dormant darkness had been awakened within her. She returned to the Underworld, the abode of the Nobody, Morpheus. It was here she lived for a short while, constantly interacting with the two men that she met that day. Her mental state all the while declining and the darkness within her constantly growing, twisting her into a completely other person.

And then, suddenly, she left. There was no explanation, except that she knew she had to leave. She traversed the worlds for what felt like an eternity, the time in each not passing in the same ways it had back home. She crossed universes, settling in one for a while where she attained a greater power, becoming a dictator of sorts. But she felt unfulfilled, joyless. She missed him. She didn't know why, all she knew was that she did. She wasn't sure why, if she loved him or some other such nonsense, but all she knew was that she needed to see him one more time.

Returning to the universe that was once her home, Yukina cast off the power she had since attained in favour of reuniting with the one person who had made her feel alive. But she became lost, stranded between planets until she decided that perhaps she could get him to come to her. Commandeering a gummi ship from a nearby, unknown planet, she acquired a crew and began terrorising the ships she found, plundering them for all they had. She was something of a space pirate, a terrorist. It wasn't that she wanted to do it, although she wasn't opposed to the bloodshed, she just knew that the chaos would attract him. Or at least, that was the plan.

Eventually, however, as all good things do, her time as a space renegade ended. She was captured, taken aboard an enemy ship and locked up. But fate had something else in mind, and she wasn't there for any more than two days before he arrived. The ivory haired boy from her youth, but how he had changed. She was flooded with emotion at the sight of him, there was so much she needed to say, but there wasn't any time. Together they lead the escape, but there was a complication. For everyone else to escape, Etzolix would have to be left behind. It was difficult, more difficult than she had expected it to be. But she did it, he wouldn't have forgiven her if she stayed, so she left, promising herself she would find him again.

As her ship left Deep Space, it was halted by an ensuing fleet of Heartless. The resistance was valiant, but ultimately in vain, and the entire crew were left at the mercy of the Heartless. She couldn't remember much after that, until she woke up in the Darkness not long after.

Scrambling lost and alone, the newly formed Heartless found her feet. Not much had changed, aside from the sharp points her nails and canines had formed... everything else seemed to have remained the same. She didn't know what to do, only that she thirsted for blood. Something had changed within her, not only in her heart but in her mind too. She entered one of the portal to the Realm of Light, eventually finding her way to the Underworld, where her old friend had once lived. It was here that she has spent an entire year now, coming to terms with her new found form, and plotting for her return.

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Yukina Tarka
Yukina Tarka

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Post by Yukina Tarka on November 30th 2013, 11:51 pm



If the Cleaver is used to remove any body part of any living organism, the detached body part will remain 'living' for a short time.

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Yukina Tarka
Yukina Tarka

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Post by Yukina Tarka on November 30th 2013, 11:52 pm


Apprentice Alchemist

Yukina is still in her fledgling stages of witchhood, and as such is capable of creating various elixirs and concoctions to aid her and her allies, or bring harm and destruction to those who oppose her. Her creations are varied and complex, however Yukina is still only learning and as such the types of things she can create are inherently limited. As she grows, and furthers her understanding of the magic that has been thrust upon her, she will be capable of creating even more complex, and powerful, potions...

Apprentice Ritualist

Capable of simple rituals and ceremonies, these often require some form of sacrifice from the people involved. Their effects are broad, and can range from boons to the participants to hexes on targets. While these effects can be powerful, they are complex and time consuming to perform. Therefore, it is very uncommon for Yukina to even attempt, let alone be allowed to finish, a ritual while already engaged in combat.

Apprentice Necromancer

Even though Yukina is somewhat unaware of this power, or at least the extent of it, it is within her ability to bring the dead back to life. However, when she brings them back, they may not be quite the same...

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Yukina Tarka
Yukina Tarka

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Post by Yukina Tarka on November 30th 2013, 11:53 pm


Water Manipulation

Yukina is able to create and manipulate water around her.


Darkness Manipulation

Yukina is able to manipulate dark energies in various ways. This can include things like firing blasts of darkness at opponents, forming temporary barriers and many other uses.


Rain Dance

Yukina can control weather, more specifically is able to make it rain, storm, etc.



Allows Yukina to alter her physical appearance, voice, any detectable 'scent' or 'aura', her detectable elemental signature, her racial signature and her magical signature to anything of her choosing. The only thing she cannot change is her overall body type.

Yukina Tarka
Yukina Tarka

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