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The Saviour Unleashed

on November 30th 2013, 10:33 pm

The Onyx


Although the boy is young, he looks as though he is older with the impression his body gives. Though he is skinny you can see that the boy is muscular and is much stronger then what he gives off. Though some of the time he will wear shirt's most of the times when seen in public he will not. Whenever he is not wearing a shirt it easily seen the boy actually does have muscles. More then likely from the fact he has been moving around almost all his entire early life is why he has a well toned body.

The last thing known about his appearance is that on rare occasions he will be seen with a large red satchel bag strapped to him, whats in the bag however still contains to be a mystery.

Usual getup
White hair no longer hair rested on his head, however instead his hair is black, with the sides of his head shaved, forming a Mohawk out of the hair at the top of his head, tapering off into a point at the nape of his neck. Settling for something far more simpler and more to his liking then his last appearance he now wore black fingerless gloves, a grey tank top with faded black jeans. His holsters for his swords were still there, however now rather then one there were two gun holders. On his feet were boots similar to his last ones, however this time the boots were a dark black with white lacing. Over top all of this, he had a black, 3/4-length, hooded leather jacket with red interior linings, that had a flag sewn on the left arm.

The Onyx Project Appearance:

Sex: Male

Species: ***********

Unpredictable, a simple enigma who claims to have the perfect plan for everyone.

The first few years of his life were the type any child would want at such a young age, being raised well by his mother, playing and enjoying life through the innocence only a young child may bring.

However that would not last long.

In short, the moment when [CORRUPT] celebrated the first minute of his sixth birthday he has been through a pure living hell.

The innocence within the eyes of [CORRUPT] was snuffed out quick.

His father wanted simply to make him BETTER THEN PERFECT for hours upon hours the boy would train with very little sleep or rest to get by on.

Most of the time however there was no sleep or rest at all.

His mother held an extreme unadulterated hate towards her husband for this, however if even the slightest word was spoken, she knew that BOTH of her children would be killed.

In her eyes at least having her children alive no matter the case would be better then having them dead.

She was planning though as the years went buy how to save both her children however she needed time.

So for now even though her heart extremely ached, she was forced to watch her husband push her child to these unbearable points and them leave him there on the ground with an inch of life left.

These moments were the time is when she would rush to child no longer being able to hold back her maternal instincts treating the boy and ensuring death would not claim her child.

She made a pact in blood that somehow some way she would help her child...both of them.

His father did not care he wanted to train make him, make the greatest warrior of all that's what his father dream was and he wanted this to become a reality [CORRUPT] would be a tool, his tool, nothing more nothing less.

Finally at the age of seventeen when [CORRUPT] began to under go the final aspects of his hell, he was allowed to go to the compound to visit his mother.

The fact alone he was allowed to had made [CORRUPT] worry greatly due to the fact that he rarely seen his mother and greatly worried his one joy in this hell may had been taken away.

When he approached her room the boy was shocked.

There lay his mother on the floor, her clothes were ripped and ragged she looked as though she had just gone through a complete one sided brawl.

The woman had multiple open wounds and large gashed all across her body.

She breathed heavily and after a moment of shock he watched his mother coughed up blood she quickly and fervently began gasping for air.

[CORRUPT] rushed to his mothers side carefully from the broken woman's right side he lifted her setting her up gently so that it'd be easier for the poor woman to breathe.

At first you could see panic in her eyes as he held her however the moment her eyes were set onto her son she immediately calmed down and a warm loving smile was on her face.

[CORRUPT] stared into her eyes he fought so very hard against his tears not wanting to be useless.

To be help his mother somehow

However the woman was able to finally process her child's distraught face with all her strength she raised her right arm and gently caressed her sons cheek as he instinctively moved into the gentle touch.  

Blood slightly dripped out of her mouth as she opened her mouth to speak to her child

"... I'm so sorry I failed you ..."

The words of his poor mother apologizing to him shattered the last of his defenses as tears quietly began to fall.

He felt his mothers hand move more even minutes possibly moments away from death she tried to console her son as a slight chuckle came from the woman even more blood arose from her mouth however it caught her sons attention once again.

"Come on ... you've never been a cry baby before don't tell me your still just a little kid."

He shook his head no as he held her hand with his normal hand pushing it gently towards his face feeling she was losing the strength to hold her own hand up.

She chuckled once more as he tried his best to stop crying.

"Come on rai rai smile for your mom try and give her your best smile ever..."

The woman could barely say her breathing becoming more rigid again.

[CORRUPT] with all his might and all his will put on his best and possibly brightest smile for his mom.

He had accidentally let go of pressing her hand to his face and will all her might she caressed his cheek one last time under her own power.

"That's my brave little man that smile...i just wanted to see it one more time....just one more...rai......"

Her words trailed off and followed by a final breath as her arm fell back down a small loving smile now on her face

She was Lifeless

[CORRUPT] could not speak

could not breath

He just kept that smile on his face, over time it left his face.

He gently shook his mother waiting for a response from her as if she would simply open her eyes and say 'got you!'

However that wouldn't happen, after a moment [CORRUPT] opened his mouth trying to make words.

"Mother?" His hoarse voice laced with pain and confusion.

"Mommy....wake up please." The boy asked gently shaking her.

"Please wake up, dont leave I did what you asked please." The boy cried out desperately shaking her now.

"Please dont leave me....." The boy pressed his forehead against her own.

He had nothing else.....everything was taken from him.....what else could he do..

The boy cried he hugged his mothers corpse and cried his eyes out however that's when it happened.

Her body began to glow a bright blue aura.

The aura began to surround [CORRUPT] and soon he began to feel a warm feeling of calmness.

The snow white hair of his mother was now passed down to her son as his once dark brown hair now began to whiten until it was just as snowy and white as his mothers.

The iris of his eyes flashed through a multitude of colors before once more returning to an ocean blue.

The aura disappeared yet the warmth that he felt did not. The boy hugged his mothers body one last time.

All the memories of right before passing out his mother treating him and her comments that made him smile despite the hell it was.

All the times from long ago that were now just pictures in his head and those pictures told the story of the memories.

All of that, all of it was gone.

All of that was taken by him.

His mental health could not take it anymore and the boy purely snapped,

Sprinting out of the room and out of the compound he ran towards the forest training grounds searching for his father.

When he had found him without words or explanation, instantly [CORRUPT] lunged punching him sending the bastard flying through three tree's. He followed him as he traveled through the trees. He felt it in his bones it had to have been him who had done this unforgivable, unforgettable vile act.

The fight with his father had begun to span over the hours in the wood's that his father had been forcing too him into since this hell had begun, over time their fight began to grow between the two destroying the terrain.

One of them a demon of great strength.

The other a maniacal boy seeking to kill the man who molded him into this "thing" and avenge his mother.

Finally at dusk when the fight had drew to a conclusion the father was on the ground his neck crushed in completely and his son standing over him with two bloodied hands that had his fathers blood flowing off of them

Hanging from both of his hand's were his father's gauntlets that not very long ago were slashing into his skin trying to bring him to an end and now they were his own.

Taking one of his fathers most treasured items adding insult to the demon's death.

That night [CORRUPT] returned to his home and after setting his mothers body properly upon her bed and cleaning the entire room in darkness, [CORRUPT] left the room closing the door behind him.

[CORRUPT] lit the compound on fire burning his mothers body giving her a proper tribute once he was sure the whole compound was destroyed, he walked away and had never looked back.

[CORRUPT] now simply looks himself as a plague, one who MUST kill anything in his path.

He desires one thing and one thing only to bring destruction, chaos, death to everything he look's at one but one creature even if there was chance for another one the chances are very slim.

The boy knows and believes in his mind this can come true and to him it shall and anything that wishes to stop him will die by his hand.

This he has promised to almost all creatures and things and the planet itself.

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Re: The Saviour Unleashed

on November 30th 2013, 10:51 pm

Name: The Absolution

Type Of Weapon:  Broadsword

Primary/Secondary: Secondary

Elemental Alignment:

Ability/Function: Until it is willed the blade is only in the form of a handle that will usually be strapped to a holster. When the blade appears it is a total of Six feet with handle included and heavy. Appearance is instantaneous.

Crimson absolution:

Close/Long Range: Close

Amaran Arm


AN organic arm right arm with Hardened skin capable of taking hits with weapons an example being swords, powers and other abilities are currently unknown and will be unlocked as skills later on. Treated as an actual limb in regard to an opponents enchantments or anything requiring their mana pool, is able to extend this limb.

Has had this since he was born, never being able to unlock their full power until after his father's death.

Sharpened metal board with no wheel's

About the same size as a medium sized skate board, made completely out of medal with sharpened edges.

The board capitalizes on the Earth's magnetism in order for this to function regardless of the surface beneath it. The speed of the arrow correlates in response to how fast onyx himself may travel. Rider is magnetized to the board so he does not fall off.

A failed experiment?

Name:  Burning Rose's

Type of Equipment:  Magnum's

Primary/Secondary:  Secondary

Elemental Alignment:  Darkness

Abilities/Functions: Dual magnum, 12 Shots, fires heavy bullets that from long range are incredibly easy to evade and incredibly difficult from close range to dodge. Able to ignite what they impact and explode if willed by Onyx. Can be fatal if in the the correct place. Reload after four posts.


Name: The Prophet

Type Of Weapon:  Broadsword

Primary/Secondary:  Secondary

Elemental Alignment: Metal

Ability/Function: When not in use the blade is merely a handle however when willed the entire blade appears instantaneously. When The blade appears it is a total of six feet and heavy.

Close/Long Range: Close

The Prophet:
Name: The Twelve Apostle's

Type Of Weapon:  Throwing Knives

Primary/Secondary: Secondary 

Elemental Alignment: N/A

Ability/Function: Kept in a pouch, on his left side there is a total of 12

Close/Long Range: Long, may be used as close



Name: Resolution

Type Of Weapon: Broadsword

Primary/Secondary:  Secondary

Elemental Alignment: Darkness

When the blade is not being used or not willed it is merely a handle usually strapped to a holster. When the blade is willed to life it is six feet long and very heavy the appearance is instantaneous

Close/Long Range: Close

Purifying Resolution Appearance:

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Re: The Saviour Unleashed

on November 30th 2013, 10:59 pm

Dark Bomb

From the palm of Onyx's hand shall come a blast that is much like the dark blast, however its a softball sized orb that will be physically thrusted into the enemy, exploding forward upon contact. The explosion diameter is moderate, however causes large damage.
Dark Burst


From the palm of  Onyx's hand shall come a blast that is similar to the dark bomb, however its a baseball sized orb that will be physically thrusted forward into the enemy cannot be thrown but can be launched if the opponent is less then three feet away. Unlike the dark blast the blast will launch the opponent moderately far away from when colliding with the area of the body which is hit the enemy flies back at a very fast speed. The explosion diameter is massive, the opponent in the middle causing heavy damage
Lava Burial(Baptism by lava)


Onyx's arm will begin to glow a dark crimson in the initial post, when he chooses a large tsunami wave made completely of lava will burst forth from his arm traveling towards the opponent or opponents

The Lava will completely engulf the opponent as the earth or floor will literally break off of the ground surrounding the lava capturing the opponent or opponents creating a colossal ball of earth, whatever was used to create it.  

The lava now encased in earth will then harden becoming like magma.

After this the entire ball will erupt in a huge explosion the opponent being caught in the middle.

If the move was used once already and the lava or magma used from this is still the then when used another time once more that lava will join up with the initial shot causing it to be doubled.

The max amount of times it can be charged is x20 if it reaches this it will fire on its own the results will catastrophically twenty times worse the first possiblity)
Behind you..


Only works with any weapon that Onyx uses that is within the his profile and those alone.

A weapon that onyx has thrown at the opponent if it misses Onyx may pull his arm back the item will travel back immediately back toward Onyx at the same speed it was thrown possibly cleaving the opponent in half. Max distance is incredibly far

Darkness, Space

The caster creates an invisible barrier that takes 1 second to form. The barrier is a square shape, floor included, that starts off 50 x 50 feet. The barrier will shrink to 30 x 30 feet in the following post. Two posts after the initial decrease in size the barrier will again shrink. This time decreasing to 15 x 15 feet.

When the barrier is hit by a physical or magical force there is a 3 foot knock back. Distance abilities cannot be used to enter, exit or transport between two or more points within the barrier. The gravity inside the barrier will increase to very high for anyone other than the caster.

The barrier can take up to 60 hits of physical damage and does not disappear until destroyed. To shatter the barrier from the outside one most use a collection of many multiple spells or use one colossal gigantic spell if kicked or punched from the outside the barrier will sap life from said user and it'll power the barrier

Earth, Fire

When The Onyx is stabbed or attacked at a certain parts of his body(such as left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, torso, head and neck) when he wills it the attacked section of the body will instantly change to into an extremely hot burning lava capable of destroying any type of metal or limb or anything that may pierce through that area. Only lasts for a post, then the part that turned into lava shall instantly reform.

Magma Burst


Onyx's arms or created lava fire or magma arms from the enchant I'm a lava man will morph into magma and stretch out launching towards the enemy or object wrapping around the flesh or limb exposing it too the harsh intense heat, a post later exploding off of whatever it may had been attached too causing heavy burn damage If frozen when the time is up afterwards will still blow up.

Onyx will morph into electricity and is able to instantaneously leave and travel a short distance. The further he chooses the farther he can travel. The farther he travels long it takes however still is extremely fast even short distances are not instantaneous and will usually take a second the longer the distance the more seconds it'll take. Unable to do damage most that can be done is the equivalence of a poke.

Could be charged for a max of five posts however that's the limit.

A combination of Flames of the Phoenix, Dark Burst, and I'm a lavaman. An orb of darkness the size of a baseball. The orb will glow and completely become engulfed in blue flames shining a bright blue color. The orb will have lightening course and around the ball. When thrusted forward or willed the orb will fly forward at incredibles speed colliding with the opponent and sending them back 15 meters. They'll be trapped in a twelve meter radius explosion that deals massive dark energy damage and fourth degree burns.

At Max charge is doubled

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Re: The Saviour Unleashed

on November 30th 2013, 11:15 pm
Basic Instincts

The more damage Onyx takes the more damage he deals. The strength increase is directly related to how much damage is taken. The bonuses increases are lowered the more his wounds are healed. Always Active

Feel the Heat

Earth & Fire

Allows Onyx to control the heat of the lava, magma, or fire or metal or elements he uses allowing him to make it extremely massively hot or low enough to not be able effect anything or anyone.
I'm A Lava Man!

Fire Earth Lightening

Allows elemental manipulation and spawning massive amounts and control over the Earth and Fire and Lightening, up to the users magical power combined with users overall strength. Allows the users body clothes and Weapons or armor(I.e anything of what would be considered their gear) respectively to become hardened magma or liquid lava, earth(any form), or fire to attack or defend or supply supplementary support in anyway seen has all properties of those actual elements as well create weapons and what not giving them the same properties an orichalum made weapon

Makes him immune to damage from natural forces among these three elements. Magical terms of these forces they are have a moderate resistance to them.
Life Chant


The more physical damage The Onyx deals the more stamina he regains. The stamina regained is directly related to how much physical damage is dealt. This is an extension of his arm and if it were to be cut off then the abilities would cease to function. This also makes his arm organic. He doesn't need to deal damage with the arm in order regain the stamina. Always Active
Flame of the Phoenix

Darkness, Fire

Effect: When I'm a Lava man is active, Flame of the Phoenix may be activated upon that. When Activated all flames or lava that Onyx produces will be a bright blue color that burn's quicker and seers faster able to melt through some of the toughest material however will cause Onyx to lose his stamina quicker.

Inkosi Yamakhosi






Click to see full size

A  God Tier Megaplex titantic stadium sized dragon built off pure physical capabilities having the ability of flight.  This dragon may level most of the life on any given world if it is given the chance having the size and power to destroy anything that may be within its way. Able to breath a gargantuan powerful shattering piercing thick beam or blast of pure hell fire and brimstone able to fire itself. Causing severe damage to not only the possible victim who may get caught, but the world its on as well. Grows even more powerful in the face of defiance or in the presence of hopelessness
Mark of The Angel

If someone is chosen by Onyx and is successfully bitten or impaled they shall receive an extreme burning sensation throughout their entire body. A mark that will usually be an Angelic wing or Demonic Wing. This mark ties them to Onyx spreading his energy throughout their body, for the initial points in time after a month passes they must find Onyx or they'll go through a serious withdrawal that may possibly prove to be too much for them and they may commit suicide. The mark also will for some create another voice within the head that will soon morph to be their own entity that will challenge the host for control. The host some of them depending if they received the correct form of the mark are able to tap into powers that will put them on the same level of strength as The group Apocalypse. Their are many unknown and hidden abilities that come with the mark and not all are known yet. Onyx knows the full extent of this Mark, however alchemist and those who know the seal have been known to mess with the Mark of The Angel and get a different operation while still receiving the full extent. Onyx allow's this happen knowing at the end of the day the victim will one day have vision similar to the Apocalypse.

Onyx may control the other initial members of Apocalypse within his posts and have full access to all they have He also may combo his skills with other skills of the members of Apocalypse.

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Re: The Saviour Unleashed

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