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Post by re:Admin on November 30th 2013, 4:04 pm

You're walking down the street when a small creature with a bright red, bouncing pom-pom on his head is looking at you. He seems interested in you, so you walk up to him. "Welcome to my shop, kupo!" he says cheerfully, but he doesn't say anything else. When you try asking him a question, he points to two signs behind him. The first one says:

Regulations for Purchasing and Transferring:
To carry out a transaction, you will need to post a topic including the items you wish to purchase, the price of each item, and the total amount of munny. A moderator should then post confirming the total and that you have enough to purchase. An administrator will finish the transaction, post saying so, and will then lock the topic. An admin doesn't have to wait for the confirmation from the mod, and if an admin forgets to lock the topic after posting, a mod can lock it or the member can inform the admin.

You are allowed to lend or give another member munny. The sender MUST post the topic, specifying the amount and a link to the receiver. However, there is no loan security and the staff is not responsible for any unpaid loans. It will be your responsibility to retrieve any unpaid munny IC.

You realize what exactly this strange creature is selling. Your munny pouch is suddenly feeling heavy in your pocket. You look at the second sign, which seemed to list a bunch of prices for different goods. You wonder if you have enough munny for these interesting and unique items available.

  • Title Picture - 150MU:
    Purchase of this item will allow a picture to be added to an already existing title.
  • Name Change - 250MU:
    If your character changed his or her name or wants to go by an alias, you can purchase Name Change to change your username along with it. It can only be changed once per purchase.
  • Tournament Pass - 300MU:
    Allows you to add an extra slot to a category of your choice (Weapon, Ability, or Equipment) for one tournament.

  • New Title - 375MU:
    If you want your character to take on a title, such as Guest, the Oncoming Storm, you can be given one if you purchase once. You can purchase this again to change it.
  • New Title with Picture - 500MU:
    Allows new/changed title with a picture of your choice, as long as it is a reasonable size.
  • Tournament Slot - 500MU:
    Allows you to add an extra slot to a category of your choice (Weapon, Ability, or Equipment) for tournaments.

  • New Character (One Use) - 1000MU:
    If purchased, you are allowed to make a new character. However, you cannot replace a character if you want a new one. This means if you purchase one, you will have five characters. If you decide to get rid of a character, your maximum amount of characters allowed will still be four. You will have to purchase a New Character to make a new one.
  • Character Slot Upgrade - 1525MU:
    If purchased, you are allowed to upgrade a non-slotted character to a slotted character.
  • New Character (Slot) - 2500MU:
    If purchased, it increases the maximum amount of characters you are allowed to use at one time, permanently. This means that if you purchase one, the maximum amount of characters you are allowed is five. If you make five characters and choose to get rid of one, you can make another without purchasing anything else.
  • City Defense NPC (World Leader Only)  - 3750MU:
    Once purchased, allows the world leader to add one defense NPC of their own design to their world defense. If destroyed, it is destroyed forever and cannot be replaced unless purchased again.
  • City Defense NPC Slot (World Leader Only)  - 5000MU:
    Once purchased, allows the world leader to add one defense NPC of their own design to their world defense. If destroyed, it can be replaced or restored in the next topic.
  • City Expansion - 7500MU:
    Allows you to build a building of your choice in any world, as long as you have the world leader's permission. If the chosen world has no leader, you do not need permission. However, if there is a new world leader in either situation, he or she can choose to tear it down, but only if they personally refund you for it.
  • World Expansion - 12500MU:
    With the permission of the world leader (if there is one), you are allowed to build an entire area on a world. Such examples are a city, an underground base, and so on.


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