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Post by St. Elmo on November 29th 2013, 12:43 pm

Name: Erasmus

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Male

Home World: Castle Oblivion

Race/Species: Nobody

Appearance: Erasmus resides within the former body of Jack Hallcome, but was able to alter the appearance of the vessel during the process of taking control of it. Despite this, the body can easily be recognized as Hallcome's by those familiar with his old appearance. In addition, he was not able to remove two rugged scars on each shoulder and the engraving of the word 'Etzolix' on his back.

The body, standing at six feet, five inches, now sports lucid, silver eyes that have a slight blue tint, and hair that spikes out in the back and top and falls down over the left eye. The hair is sleek and black, but has a red sheen on the outside. Also, its muscles are more toned, giving Erasmus a more buff appearance that contrasts with Jack's scrawny build. Erasmus's facial features are also sharp and chiseled, giving him a more masculine air. His eyes are narrow and pointed with medium-length lashes and dark eyebrows.

Upon formation, Erasmus was also able to alter his former persona's clothing. He dons a sleek, black jacket that huggs his arms and broad shoulders tightly, caressing his sides as it descends to barely brush against his hips- the widest part of it is the sleeves, where it is shaped like bells. The article is adorned with metal studs on various places, including its high collar and atop the shoulders. It is left unzipped to reveal a t-shirt of the same shade of black with a low, intricately shaped collar that flaunts his collarbone. The shirt ends just above a black belt, which is adorned with a shiny, silver buckle, that is looped through a pair of snug, black pants. The pants are tucked into boots that are studded on the top. In addition, the male has his ears pierced in a variety of manners, and wears a necklace with a barbed wire esque charm.

Alignment: Neutral, Chaotic

Elemental Mastery:
Heart: Nothingness
Primary: Lightning
Secondary: Fire
Tertiary: Earth

Personality: Erasmus is no longer burdened by the emotions and instability that inevitably lead to his creation. He is calm, collected, and ambitious. He knows exactly what he wants and does only what is necessary in order to obtain it. He no longer finds comfort in mindless slaughter, but does not hesitate to kill when needed. He is very meticulous with his plans, and attempts to assure their success when constructing them. However, if one of them should go wrong, he is able to backtrack and try again with no irritation. With this in consideration, Erasmus is persistent, but not stubborn. He is logical enough to realize when something is a lost cause.

Erasmus's main similarity to Jack Hallcome is his wit. He is extremely intelligent and analytic, possessing the ability to find small details, determine patterns within them, and rationalize what they mean. Another predominant use for his intellect is as an infinite source for sardonic statements and cut-downs. He can also be very manipulative and is a flawless liar, even under pressure. The latter two traits are not derived from Jack, but from one of his killers and the reaper's downfall respectively.

Erasmus is very vain and prideful, but has forsaken the self-worship that his former persona once held. He does not constantly prune over his appearance, but does see himself as attractive. He sees many people below him, but not everyone. He is not prejudiced against many races, but has a particular distaste for demons, due to sharing the recesses of Jack's being with one. In addition, despite having retained his memories of Jack Hallcome, he does not limit himself to the opinions and goals of the boy, as he sees the reaper as nothing but a deranged child. He looks down upon his heart, and is glad to be free of it.

•High Attack
•High Magic Attack
•High Speed
•High Agility
•Mid Accuracy
•Mid Stamina
In addition to these, Erasmus is extremely intelligent and organized- His mind can process things at a high speed and effortlessly make intricate connections. He can also play the piano with expertise, ballroom dance, and cannot feel fear.

•Low Defense
•Low Magical Defense
•Low Item Synthesis
Erasmus can no longer connect with others on an emotional level. He has literally lost the ability to love and hate, giving him little to fight for other than his own goals. He has obsessive compulsive disorder, and it is hard for him to concentrate unless things are organized. Also, he is a perfectionist, and will prioritize perfection over things getting done. Erasmus suffers from migraine headaches that stem from loud, unorganized noise.


Electrokinesis: Erasmus can create and control lightning. The lighting can range between hues of red, blue, white, black, and yellow. The lighting is weaker compared to violent cases of natural lightning, but still causes harsh burns, a knockback, and the small-scale, temporary locking up and immobility of muscles. It retains all other natural properties. In addition, the lightning can be concentrated and enhanced. The power of this lightning grows indefinitely depending inversely on the amount used. It can be used to directly attack, charge/heat objects, supplement magical attacks, and any other purposes Jack may find for it. For example, he can send minor shock through his body to stimulate certain functions, such as the release of adrenaline.

Pyrokinesis: Erasmus can create and control fire. The fire can range between hues of red, yellow, blue, white, and black. It can be manipulated in any form Jack desires. The fire's intensity is also inversely proportional to the amount used. It can be used to directly attack, heat objects, supplement magical attacks, and any other purposes Erasmus can find for it.

Nixkenisis: Erasmus can control the power of Nothingness. He can use this to enhance his lightning and fire, attack, defend, levitate, communicate with lesser Nobodies, turn invisible/ethereal, as well as for any other need that arises.

Terrakinesis: Erasmus can manipulate the the element Earth in a variety of ways.

Glass Manipulation: Erasmus possess the ability to create glass by utilizing lightning and earth. This glass, once created, can be manipulated fully.

St. Elmo's Fire: This is Erasmus's most powerful asset. It results from a combination of electrokinesis and nixkinesis. Using this, he can augment himself, items, objects, etc. with luminous plasma created from a coronal discharge. He can shoot the plasma, when augmented from himself, in the form of flaming-like orbs. They cause the struck target to be enveloped in Saint Elmo's Fire. The actual fire, which isn't actually fire at all, but a blue luminescence that resembles it, is harmless. However, after being enveloped in the fire for a large amount of time, any lightning that touches the target is three as effective.

Heartless: Erasmus is not effected by any of Darkness's corruption, nor Light's purification.

Hallcome: Using the element of Nothingness, Erasmus can create a form of armor around him that is basically a shell that hardens around himself. This shell is an exact replica of Jack Hallcome. The shell has the strength of titanium, but cracks instead of dents. It can repair minor damages instantly, but a longer amount of time is required before major breeches in the defense can be fixed. When in this form, Erasmus's voice assumes that of Jack's.

History: Jack was born the youngest of three into a loving family. His grandparents' original home was destroyed long past, so Traverse Town was made their home. He led a normal life for four years before a strangely heavily armed gunman stormed inside of Jack's home, for no apparent reason, and murdered his parents and the four-years-old kid in cold blood. It is unknow what happened to Jack's siblings.

Darkness. Utter impenetrable darkness. A small child wondered if this was death. Fear enveloped him. The fear of nonexistence. Of Nothingness. He began to wail. To scream to the Gods of Olympus his parents had told him stories of. Zeus. Apollo. Athena. Hera. Anyone. The Gods turned a deaf ear, or didn't hear. A year passes.

After what seemed like an eternity of nothing, Jack broke. He released pent up fear, anger, and desperation in a final plead. He prayed to Hades, and after no answer, Thanatos. The primal spirit of Death itself. The spirit of the very Underworld. Apparently, Thanatos took pity upon Jack, as in a swirl of blinding colors, he found himself floating in the middle of the Underworld, but yet, he didn't feel like it was the Underworld at all. Mist surrounded him, and all he could see was faces. Faces of demons looking upon him with wonder, fear, and envy. Eventually, one stepped towards Jack, who was paralyzed with fear. He reached into the mist, and the fear left. Jack smiled at the demon.

This demon, bonded with Jack, let him feed off of it's nonlife. A second chance. A symbiotic relationship. Jack was instantly aged eleven years, and given the pinnacle of health. Within his own consciousness, Jack and his inner demon conversed. The demon warned that Jack now possessed memories of things that were forbidden to the living, which he may as well have been considered. He also warned that trauma or shock could ensue when Jack returned to the surface world. After debate, the best course of action was determined to be the river Lethe.  Lethe was also the name of the Greek spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion, with whom the river was often identified. Bathing in it created a seemingly irreversible memory lapse in Jack. It blotted out everything after the raid if his parents house, and himself getting murdered. In addition, Jack remembers none if his time in the Underworld, or of his demonic 'heritage.'

After Jack was murdered by Alexander Meadows and Drakar, his heart was absorbed by the latter and his body was taken by the former. It was in Castle Oblivion that Erasmus assumed control of the vessel.

Erasmus Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQFNjQocT50v0KDi36w9GBtzWc5P9MRxs2AHzYQGY1FeoTKpm6c


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