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  • Ancient Worlds

  • Country of the Musketeers

    A sunny, beautiful world famous for its vast training yards where the first musketeers sparred amongst themselves. Opera lovers know the world less for that and more for its massive theater where many plays are performed to this day.
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    avatarVive la révolution (Open...
    February 12th 2017, 5:11 am
    Iraeika View latest post
  • Dwarf Woodlands

    A world filled with long, vast forests and highly valuable minerals. The mines of the world are a great source of wealth for the dwarfs which inhabit this lush world.
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  • La Cité Des Cloches

    A beautiful and sprawling city plagued by a deep-rooted prejudice which belies its welcoming surface. Festivals are frequent affairs and many would-be adventurers stop by to see the Notre Dame for themselves.
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    avatarC'est la vie (Open)
    March 28th 2017, 6:32 am
    Mia View latest post
  • Prankster's Paradise

    A world filled with tricksters and fools who spend their days enjoying the attractions of the nearby amusement park. Rumors exist that the errant children who populate this land run the risk of being transformed into donkeys should they flirt too much with mischief.
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    avatarCotton Candy (Open)
    March 6th 2017, 2:05 pm
    Cap View latest post
  • Deep Space

    A gigantic prison ship which roams the Sea of Skies with seemingly no destination. Extraterrestrial beings armed with incredible technology oversee it, though in the past it has fallen into the hands of other parties with their own plans for the vessel.
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    avatarHollow Bastion?'s Hero...
    February 14th 2017, 7:49 am
    Azmot View latest post
  • The Grid

    This place is eerily similar to the Space Paranoids of Radiant Garden. Towering skyscrapers are scattered across it and neon lines cover both the place and the clothes of the people who enter it.
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  • Castle of Dreams

    The castle of dreams.
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    avatarOne-Thirteenth (Open)
    February 13th 2017, 1:50 pm
    Zanex View latest post
  • Enchanted Dominion

    Its most notable feature is the two castles which were built on it a long time ago. The first is simple, clean, and elegant, but the second is entangled in thick thorns and can only be accessed by passing through the Realm of Darkness.
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